Monday, September 1, 2014

First Imprestions of Physics

What do I expect to learn in physics this year?
This year in physics I expect to learn the world around me works. Not what it is constructed of, but how objects interact with each other. I specifically want to learn how gravity affects objects of different weights, and different substances against or with the outside factors like wind, rain, heat etc. I want to learn what dictates the direction of electricity, as an example. Why would the electricity flow to the right wire or the left wire or both? Does it matter what substances they are? Does it matter how close they are to the origin point of the electricity? I also want to learn why we have to obey these laws. Can humans create a way to change these laws or bypass them? Or are we prisoners as the rest of the animals are to these laws?

Why do I think studying physics is important?
I think studying physics is necessary, we as a civilization need to understand what is around us to be able to grow and prosper. Physics is the effect of the world around us, learning about it will slowly help satisfy our thirst for knowledge. Also knowing how everything acts help us design strong structures for our growing needs.

What do I think problem solving is?
Problem solving is finding a way to solve the problem. Weather it innovative or old hat depends on the person with the problem. Saying that there are ways to solve problems that are better than others. So solving problems is finding the solution that is most beneficial.

What questions do I have about physics?
Are the laws we know the only ones? Are there more laws that we have not discovered yet? Or is this the extent of the power of the universe? And why these laws why not different laws? I want to know why everything has to be explain?

What goals do I have for myself in physics this year?
In physics this year I would like to come out of the class with an A. I would also like to come out of the class with a greater understanding of the forces around me than I have now. I want to learn physics not memorize it. I also want to be able to apply physics in my everyday life.

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