Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hovercraft experiment

Riding the hovercraft felt strange. It was always moving at a constant speed. I did not expect it, I was expecting the hovercraft to slowdown and stop. If you ever ride a hovercraft then just go with the flow, trust your teammates to stop you before you crash into the wall. The hovercraft is different than a sled because the sled is on the ground/snow and has friction acting on it slowing it down, whereas the hovercraft has no friction acting on it and continues to move at a constant speed. I learned that the net force it the force that changes an object for rest to moving or Vic versa. The net force on the hovercraft was seen. When the people pushing and stopping act on the hovercraft they put net force on the hovercraft. There was not always a net force on the hovercraft, when it was moving from point A to point B there were no forces acting on it. The hovercraft was at equilibrium. The acceleration depends on the push or net force on the object. The constant velocity came from the moving hovercraft, there were no outside forces acting on it so it stayed in a constant state of motion. Some members were harder to stop because they were heavier than others. The heavier people the more force needed to move them and stop them.  

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