Thursday, November 13, 2014


Every day the Earth experiences 4 tides, 2 high and 2 low. The tides are about 6 ours apart. As the Earth rotates faster than the Moon so the oval of tides stayes relitivly the same through out the day making a full rotation of the Earth able to have multipe high and low tides a day. The cause for the tides is the difference in force on each side of the Earth. The difference on the side closest to the Moon to the other side of the Earth. Side B (the latter) has an opposite force to side A, or an opposite force to the Moon. The difference in force pulls the tides higer up, so on the sides with no force(the low tides) must lower as all the water is being pulled to sides A and B. The times of high tides are the spring tides and the low tides are the neap tides. The neap tides are happening under a half moon and the spring tides are under a full or new moon.

 At the moment of me posting this the tide is at low tide and the beach is experiencing the spring tides. I can tell because the moon is full.

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  1. I felt like you summed up the topic pretty well and adding the pictures helped visually describe the concept of high and low tides